1. Come out to our fundraiser at Peppino's on Monday! See a brother for a flyer!

  2. RT @GVSUIFC: 204 new members jumped off the stage tonight. Congrats, and welcome gentleman!

  3. @Mitch_LaSala It's the thought that counts!

  4. What a way to start Bid Night, thanks ladies! @karlieslater7 @dom_leclear97 @a_tousignant

  5. RT @GVSUDeltSig: Went 1-1 in IM softball tonight. Good games @GVSUSigEp and @ATOGVSU ⚾️

  6. Come out to our recruitment event tonight at 8pm! #RushSigEp

  7. RT @GVSUPolice: Our department always has a SafeWalk option available to all students walking on campus. Simply call 331-3255 to get assist…

  8. Our second recruitment event is tonight at Kelly Sports Center. Join us 8-10pm for Turf Monday!

  9. Meet our new Chaplain, Emilio!

  10. Our first recruitment event is today, come check out the house and meet some of our brothers