1. RT @H_E_Pennypackr: @KyleStevenson12 @totalfratmove That frat is living in 2035 while the rest of us are still here in 2017

  2. Hype to have Mo featured with us

  3. RT @totalfratmove: Mo, the fraternity G.O.A.T.

  4. Brother Sharif Shameem @samin100 developed Brain2Speech which turns electrical activity in your brain to speech

  5. RT @UMPD: Thank you @MarylandBeta for a lovely dinner yesterday. We had a great time and look forward to future events. @UMPDAUX https://t.…

  6. @WHATheHECKer @KevinAdams_MD @yonadagoat Of course, anything for Kevin and @WHATheHECKer

  7. Our president Yonathan Daniel enjoying a delightful boat ride in Miami @yonadagoat

  8. Brother Ian McGann loves big basses and he cannot lie

  9. Beta is looking stronger than ever with our newly initiated brothers!

  10. Beta Theta Pi takes 1st place at UMD's Giving Day with a whopping 125 donations - a major shoutout to everyone who participated!